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East Area has bad news and good news for you:

Bad: East Area is closing from November 1st, 2005. We’re leaving the basement at Jodenbreestraat 24. Later on a T-shirt shop will occupy the space.

Good: East Area celebrates its First Anniversary as a platform for promotion of East European feel in Amsterdam and a meeting place for homo creativus!

After closing the current East Area premises each of East Area team is going his/her own way: Maxim Shaposhnikov ~ will remain at the head of the Stichting Window to Europe and KidNaprecords and make us happy with his new records as DJGoldfinger. Katja Sokolova ~ will continue her carrier as curator, producer and organizer in the arts. Oleg Aklas ~ will go on working on his film, as well as making vjAKLA experiments. And, of course, SalonUSSR will go on organizing the best parties in town!

We will continue to inform you about our activities and projects.

We'd like to thank all the artists who collaborated with East Area.Thank you all for being with us this year & keep in touch!!!

Possibly East Area will reappear in some other space…
This website will remain updated.

Past events

Friday, October 28 from 19:00

East Area The End - farewell party

Music by DJs Freeze, Goldfinger, Akla, Sylvere, E-rx, Elem & more

Entrance fee: E3,- East Area Friends' club members E 1,50
Expect spontaneous auction of East Area's paraphernalia.

Friday, October 21 from 19:00

Dvoinikat ("The Double")

A film by Nikolai Volev, Bulgaria, 1979.
An exclusive screening, with live translation into English by Zhana Ivanova.

Accompanied by a poster exhibition from the collection of The Society
for the Preservation of Trace
. More info on: www.jamesbeckett.tk
After the film: tunes by D.J. no-immigrant 2007 and DJ Elem (from Bulgarotone to Jugodub)
Doors open 19:00, film starts at 20:00.

Entrance fee: E2- , East Area Friends' club members: E1-
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Friday 14 October

DJ versus VJ extravaganza at East Area

DJ Alec Smart, Englishman in Amsterdam, will show his skills in live CD-mixing, creating groovy soundscapes and mashups, using prepared beats, sounds and voices. He will also showcase his former and future releases on Amsterdam's label KidNap, run by Goldfinger. One of the latest singles was "Hunting Song", Streamer's collaboration with a singer from Altai Mountains Nohon Shumarov. See www.shepherdspie.nl VJ Akla is one of the people behind East Area and salonUSSR. He will show his archive videomaterial to match and inspire Alec's groovemaking.
The event will start at 20:00 and will last till around 23:00

Entrance: 3 euro, members: 1,50 euro

Note that East Area stops from November, 1. So it's one of your last chances to be there!!

01.10.2005 - 16.10.2005 Opening: Saturday, October 1, 5-8 p.m.


A project by Lucia Macari and Stefan Rusu.

2 artists from Moldavia look at the history and present of their home country as the history of military and cultural invasions, by making an artistic invasion in EastArea- this time a Moldavian-Mongolian one.

Lucia Macari presents a Moldavian-Mongolian phrase book, inspired by the conversation guides used by Russian soldiers during the World War II...

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Also in this programme:

SARS Opera - a short humoristic video about deep-going Moldavian- Mongolian cultural connections by Stefan Rusu

MoldoPop tunes by DJ D.Ryba
The guests will be served with a shot of samogon (home-made vodka) and a piece of mamalyga (traditional Moldavian bread).

Opening: Saturday, October 1, 5-8 p.m. Doors open 17:00, entrance free


XXX [turning principles into actions]

A report in pictures and audio on Zhana Ivanova and Uta Eisenreichs practival guide to integration
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Sunday, July 31st from 19:00

Summer Event: Interruption in Vacation

East Area Welcomes everyone for "Gedicht-Therapie"

Alexander Delphinov, Russian Poet from Berlin, presents his Rhythm-N-Poetry for the first time in Amsterdam! Also undanceable music by Akla!
Links: www.topos.ru/article/2947 & www.music.lib.ru/r/rhythmnpoetry
Doors open 19:00, entrance free

Friday, June 17 from 19.00

tRaNsLiT in concert & postcards by ArtHur Molev

Presentation of the new album "LITERALI"
Translit are back, and this time they're bringing their new album! (photo: psux)
Exhibition of postcards "Bym en Rang" by ArtHur Molev
There are many free postcards floating around in this modern European world. It is up to us what to do with the postcards in front of us: just to laugh at them or to complete them like children sometimes do... Many postcards are so good that do not require any altering. But in some cases one can add certain words or lines for an alternative impression. Anyone could take the place of an artist and/or creator. By Andrei Smurov & ArtHur Molev.
Exhibition open till Sunday, June 19.

Entrance fee: E2- , East Area Friends' club members: E1-

Saturday, June 18 from 20.00

"loop" - by misTake part 2: Closing party

The last East Area event of this summer!
Special 5-hours dj E-RX mix

Featuring: by misTake VJ's Egle & Westa

Entrance fee: E3- , East Area Friends' club members: E1,50

14.05.2005 - 12.06.2005 (Opening: May 14, 2005 5 p.m.)
Screenings start at 4, 5 and 6 p.m.

16th Republic - Israeli video programme

15 years have passed since the beginning of the immense Russian immigration wave to Israel. The videoprogramme 16th Republic (a term used by Russians for countries under their cultural influence) is a distinctive product of this fascinating process.
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Sunday, June 5, 2005, from 7 pm.
Russian Cultural Centre A'dam, Salon USSR & East Area present:

LOMO-party "The show must go on!"

An interactive exhibtion of unique photographs made with the legendary LOMO snapshot camera from St. Petersburg. Take your own LOMO photo's ("lomographs") with you: the best will be added to the exhibition.
With: LomoMIX - DJ Goldfinger; LomoMusic-DJ Freeze; LomoVideo-VJ Akla
Free entrance!
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May 7th 2005, 18:00 till 20:00

XXX [turning principles into actions]

A practical guide to integration by Zhana Ivanova and Uta Eisenreich
XXX refers to the 3 crosses in the coat of arms of Amsterdam, which, in their turn, correspond to the three words in the city's motto: Heroic, Resolute and Merciful (Heldhaftig, Vastberaden, Barmhartig). Everyone coming to live in Amsterdam is expected to develop these three virtues, as they are essential for successful integration and naturalization of new citizens. In two hours Salon Ivanova will train their audience to obtain these virtues by means of a supervised step-by-step guide.
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Saturday, April 30, 17:00 - 23:00
East Area and salonUSSR celebrate:

Koninginnedag at East Area

Get there when you've had enough of it all. Share good music and the rest of the day with your people. Get ready for the salonUSSR 1st of May celebrations the next day.
Accumulate a good hangover with djs Bruno C, Eric, Guile and Sylvere.
Free entrance!

Saturday, April 23rd, untill ... now!
A photo-project by Vladimir Radlinsky (Ukraine):


The photo-series depicts adventures of a plastic bag found in the garbage. The artist got attracted by a kitschy woman's photo printed on the bag, advertising some cosmetic products. Who this woman is and what she's been through remains unknown. By taking photos of the bag in a homelike environment, the artist gives the trashy portrait a second life- a life of its own, separated from the production-consumption circle it belongs to.

Tuesday, April 12, from 20:00
East Area and salonUSSR celebrate:

International Space Day

Featuring unbeatable space enthusiast Jaap Terweij and a lot of great DJ's!
Entrance fee: E3- , East Area Friends' club members: E1,50
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13.03.2005 - 10.04.2005 ( Opening: March, 12nd at 4 p.m.)

Abandoned Glove: a project by Lala Rascic

The “Abandoned Glove” project deals with the notions of loss and identity. Lala Rascic explores these notions on a very personal level, trying to discover what it takes one to lose and to be a loser. The project consists of an exhibition of Lala’s drawings, sound works, a live performance and a radio broadcast.
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Saturday, March 19, from 20:00

Within the frame of the Abandoned Glove project:

tRaNsLiT in concert

A sound-poetry cooperation with:

Andrey Smurov - screaming, whispering, recitings etc.
Gleb Stjenikov - guitar, loops, noises etc

afterwards: bAd TaStE undancable music by dj-Akla
Doors open 19:30 Entrance fee: E4- , East Area Friends' club members: E2,-

Saturday, march 5th from 20:00 till 22:00

Radio East Area: Poetry meets Electronics

A one-off live performance initiated especially for Radio East Area by radio makers Captain Cook & Akla, featuring poet Olga Khokhlova (St. Petersburg) and electronic musician Adrianvacca (A’dam).
Doors open 19:30 Entrance fee: E3- , East Area Friends' club members: E1,50
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Sunday, February 27th from 15:00 till 19:00

SalonUSSR at EastArea: TOLKUCHKA!

Black Market Social Club

Tolkuchka is the result of creativity of the masses in a situation of economical and ideological pressure. Tolkuchka satisfies the needs of the people for unsanctioned goods and pleasures. That means blue jeans, books, records and bubble gum.
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Friday, Febrary 25th from 20:00

Videosalon East Area presents:

BARABANIADA ("A Drum Odyssey" by Sergey Ovcharov, Russia 1993)
Surrealistic adventures of a drum owner and his drum in post-perestroika unreality in the country of permanent winter. One of the strangest movies of the strangest period of Russia's history. Think Buster Keaton in the Soviet Union falling apart. No dialogue, just music of classical composers.
Doors open 19:30 Entrance fee: E2- , East Area Friends' club members: E1-

February 19 from 20:00 till 24:00

Electric Sound and Vision

The "Electric Visions" closing party!
Sound: Goldfinger & Freeze   /   Vision: Akla
Entrance fee: E5- , East Area Friends' club members: E2,50
No entrance fee if dressed as a character from the "Electric Visions" videos!

22.01.2005 - 20.02.2005 (Opening: January, 22nd 5 p.m.)
Screenings: Thu-So 13:30/15:30/17:30

Electric Visions part I: Waiting for a New Myth

“Electric Visions” is a project presenting the best contemporary video art from Russia and the Nordic Countries. At East Area, one part of the project - the Russian part- is being shown. The programme Waiting for a New Myth consists of 25 video works by young and already well-known Russian artists.
Read more>>

February 13, 20.00-01.00

Within the frame of the Electric Visions video programme:

By misTake

A one-off event where live images mixed with minimal-techno-electro sounds create a spontaneous video dialogue.
Vj’s: Egle, Westa (Lithuania)
Dj's : Eric, Sylvere (France)

Entrance fee: E5- , East Area Friends' club members: E2,50

19.12.2004 - 16.01.2005
(Opening: December, 18th 5-8 p.m.)

Migrant Navigator project by Darko Fritz

What is home and where is it? The Migrant Navigator project deals with the issues of migration, home, identity, displacement and nostalgia. Read more>>

Sunday, January 9th 4 p.m

Concert: De Reizende Verkoper

This will be the first concert in 2005 of this legendary Dutch-Croatian freak-jazz-rock band, featuring Anne van Doren (tenor sax), Damir Kafka (alt sax), Mr.Menno (drums&percussions), Razorblade J.R. (el.guitar and bass).
Entrance fee: E2-, East Area Friends' club members: E1,-

Saturday, December 11th 1 p.m.

Videosalon East Area presents:

Contemporary documentary film from/about Russia.
Bits of history and modern life of Russia's two capitals, full of contrasts, interesting people and unexpected happenings, in 4 short documentaries by two young talented filmmakers: Michael Jeleznikov (RU) and Jan Jaap Kuiper (NL). Read more>>

27.11.2004 from 5-7 p.m

Radio East Area

Nobody's Perfect and What's Cooking create Radio East Area live! The first broadcast of the two evening music shows on the Radio 100 from East Area's location!
The programme will be recorded and broadcasted on radio100 on December 2, 10-12 p.m. Entrance: free Read more>>

13.11.2004 - 05.12.2004

East Area's opening exhibition

The East Area project started on November, 13 with an opening of a group show by 3 Amsterdam-based artists: Leo Kogan, Armen Eloyan (De Praktijk gallery) and Roman Volgin. Especially for the new East Area space, Leo Kogan has created a temporary mural, while the other two present their new, yet already existing work. Read more>>